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Need to access your computer? cant remember your password?

Is your computer running slow? you may need a hardware upgrade or virus/spyware removal!

Is your computer freezing or not loading? you may need a complete format and re-install due to a corrupt hard drive from virus's and spyware that can not be removed with virus removal software.

I can help in the following areas:

  • Windows Log On Password removal.


  • Virus and spy-ware removal.


  • Data retrieval from damaged or corrupt hard drives ( Not all data can be retrieved in most cases).


  • Data Backups to external hard drive


  • Installation of software including Anti-virus, system and driver updates e.t.c.


  • Installation of hardware including Ram, hard drives, Laptop Screens, CD drives, graphics cards and more


  • Complete computer formatting and re-installation of Windows operating systems.



I offer quality computer repairs for both Laptops and Desktops, Below is a list of fixed price services that i undertake regardless of the time it takes to complete the job.


For removal of your Windows Log on password, to access that vital information it is a flat fee of $100.


Software installation and running system diagnostics for virus and spy-ware removal is between $80 and $120 


Hardware installation is $80 (plus parts).


A complete system format and re-install of Windows Operating systems is set at $150


Data recovery is $200 and requires an external hard drive to back up data retrieved. Can supply hard drive at additional charge. $50 charge still applies if data cannot be recovered.


All other non specified services are charged at $50 per hour.